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Better What Specsavers?

Better What Specsavers?


Section 54 Mk II launch!

Author: Bob

Section 54 has been relaunched with a fantastic new design and a more organised structure. None of the old URLs will work, unfortunately... (although, I have tried my best to bounce them to the new ones). Hopefully I won't need to do something like that again!

For now; sit back, relax and browse through the archives!


One Of The Magic Numbers

Author: Stealthy

There's a few new installments this week. I can't remember how many. It's more than one, anyway. Enjoy.

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Eugh... 3

Author: Stealthy

No comic for a couple of days because psychiatrists have been hard at work on my BRAIN this week. No shit.

EDIT 24/11: Also no shit is the fact that this morning the ipod which I use to transport the strip files to the facility that enables me to upload said files to the website went dead. I'm now looking at an £80-odd cost to repair it. End result, even though I have two episodes to upload, I can't upload them.

Yours in impotent fury,

Eugh... 2

Author: Stealthy

Updates will occur come Thursday. Possibly. That's what a lack of internet facilities will do to you, I'm afraid.


Author: Stealthy

For reasons we need not fully go into right now, I need to aquire funds next week to buy a new monitor and a new scanner. Then I need to find a new flat. Then I need to be busy. I can already feel the shadow of past late updates upon my shoulder.

There MAY be a strip next Saturday.

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