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Merry Christmas

Author: Stealthy

Yes, it's that time of the year again... and feeling festive, I've provided Bob with many new strips to put up. I realise that it's not even the 15th of December yet, which is my usual deadline to begin festivities (for "festivities" read "seasonal slacking-off"), however, so annoyed, and inspired by the town of High Wycombe's idea of putting up the lights and bunting in mid-October, that I thought I'd be a little bit early too, so enjoy. Especially YOU, Damon. You get your strip. Happy now?

If you notice that the characters all seem to change in between comic 8 and comic 9, it's because it's in between those strips that I started University and met all my new protagonists... sure thing that Dave, and 20PoN will be back at some point... we need more pyrotechnics. In the meantime, you'll find that the Characters section has been re-done. Bios for the rest of the cast, including the old crew will be added... when I remember to do them.

Holy shit...

[23:51] Dave says: Praise be to the IEE wiring regulations (15th Edition) which made it possible
[23:51] Emergency says: Especially SECTION 54, the content of which, I've already forgotten...
[23:52] Dave says: Not allowing earth faults to persist indefinitely
[23:52] Emergency says: Oh no, can't have that... people might die...

...I'd almost forgotten this conversation even existed. Let it not be said that laziness isn't the font from which originality doth spring forth, because it is. I've forgotten why I called myself Emergency... that's a damn stupid name...

PS: Buddyhead just plain rule. Just don't phone them up and tell them how much, cause they're a PMS-y bunch, and they'll fuck you up.


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