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No. I Lied. Not Merry Christmas.

Author: Stealthy

I just know there's gonna be some kind of spectacular cock-up this Christmas. I dunno whether it's a seasonal curse, or if we're just extra vulnerable to average run-of-the-mill disasters at this time of the year, but Christmas Tragedies are always the best/worst.

This year, example, I can confidently predict something crappy will happen because I'm being guilt-tripped into staying with family up in Scotland. Now I can't imagine a scenario less fun than being slapped in the middle of a crowd of bickering children with the only entertainment being 4 channels of increasingly risable festive TV (hooray for Pop Idol), and the ancient Nintendo Entertainment System (yes, people do actually still use these). Oh, and not forgetting the lame-ass R&B/Garage tunes my siblings and cousins really like to listen to.

...and I'll probably get ticked off for looking miserable too. Other times of the year, I'll sit around looking miserable... I'm probably not, but it's just my default expression... anyway, I'll be sitting there and someone'll say "Cheer up, might never happen", or some variant and that'll be the end of it. At Christmas however, looking moody is a crime punishable by... really bad shit... I just hope Santa brings me a PlayStation 2 this year. Then I can tune it all out.

'Cept for late night Channel 4. Late Night Channel 4 at Christmas is bomb.

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