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"System Of A Blair" - Thanks Salad

"System Of A Blair" - Thanks Salad



Author: Stealthy

Contrary to popular opinion, there ARE some things on this planet I like.

Also: I smile like a happy lunatic like, ALL the time. REALLY evil people don't do that.

I'd also like to add: "Remember how I said I'd kill you last? I lied!" Yes, Arnie is the man.

Anyway, I may or may not be evil, but I am very, very angry. I'm an "angry little man" as some have been known to say repeatedly. So naturally is going to be like a magnet to me. Wrong. I've known about this organisation for about a year and a half and it's taken until now for me to actually get to the site.

Know more? It's because of anarchists. The whole concept of anarchism, I can totally live with. I'm young, I have a pulse and I have a modicum of rage swelling deep within me, and a healthy amount of animosity towards such organisations as Abbey National, the now defunct Tempo and... well, why not - the British government. So naturally when the opportunity to go 'Fuck Shit Up' arises, I'm down with that.

However, anarchists are just stupid. The majority of them are disgusting, dreadlocked, Levellers fans with nothing better to do than talk about how The Man is screwing them over. It's these people over everyone else who should quit the shit, get a job, take a bath and accept that they're going to become exactly what their parents are: middle-class salary-men. And leave the anarchism to those who walk it like they talk it.

And so it comes to me. I'm down with anarchism to a degree, but there's no way I'd ever admit to being one and lump myself with all those losers. I'd much rather become prime minister, commandeer all those nukes the yanks store here, fire them off in random directions and take the whole fucking planet down with me. THAT is anarchism. And one day some Cambridge graduate is going to put his qualifications to use and do exactly that. It'll be the most ROCK thing that humanity has ever experienced.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, Dave and Max are not filthy, they're probably more into the totally bomb Rage Against The Machine rather than the Levellers and they write well. Go take a look. Thank yew.

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