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The Benevolent Mr Rumsfeld

The Benevolent Mr Rumsfeld



Author: Stealthy

The last panel is a little weak on this one... although I do like the way Rumsfeld came out. I'll link to where I got my inspiration for the way he's dressed later... other news, I've decided to say "fuck this shit", and I'm heading off for 2 weeks in the middle of April. It's preferable to me that this space isn't left empty then, so if someone wants to help me fill it by sending us their own comics for use by this site during my holiday, I'd be grateful.

I don't care what they're about, and I don't care if you can't draw. You could draw a 6 panel epic featuring Kylie Minogue being molested by a giant bear for all I care so long as it at least references Section 54 in some way.

There's your terms, make sure you sign your work, and I hope I get something soon. Bear in mind that after the 6th of April, if you're sending something in, send it to Bob, use the contact form and he'll get back o you. He'll sort you out.

Peaces Greases.

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