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The Fake Sound Of Progress

The Fake Sound Of Progress


Progress Report: NUMBER 29

Author: Stealthy

...much better. Pretty pleased with this one... of course, it would've looked a lot better if I could remember how to do video/scan lines in Photoshop, that way you'd actually know there's supposed to be a video screen in the background. Ah well, next time... I've decided it would be pretty cool to have a war room with a big fuck-off video screen dominating the whole of one wall... it's main use would be for watching fake porno lesbians go at it... don't blame me, it's the popular consensus.

And if you're eagle-eyed, you might just spot the just barely concealed cheap shot at CNN too.

[EDIT] I went back and did the scanlines... and yeah... looks good... little patchy, seeing as though I couldn't be bothered to... do... stuff... that would've taken years... but... it's done. Looks good.

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