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Bend Over: Number 23/24

Author: Stealthy

...I've seen the designs for the potential new World Trade Centre. Bigger is a popular theme. However, I've also seen these designs by the, as always entertaining, American public. And if you take a look at the majority of them, strip 23 makes a lot of sense... but then, don't they all? [fat grin]

...oh, and if you're paying attention, it looks like... like... shit, an episode that isn't just one gag... it looks like... there may be some sort of... plot thing developing here! AND A TransMet reference. Bomb!

You know, I promised myself when I started this, I'd steer clear of making any kind of plot driven comic, cause I knew I'd never finish it... but I get the feeling this one is just going to write itself. It'd better, otherwise I'm gonna find a way to kick my own ass or something.

...and if you're in London during February, take 2 tickets, and see Cave In at ULU or The Highbury Garage. Don't blow it.

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