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Don't Blame Me... It's The Fog: STRIP 25

Author: Stealthy

If I'd done this strip a few weeks ago, I might've thought of pandering to the tiny minds of Middle America by stating a disclaimer saying I do not condone the use of weed, hash, mashupstuff, skunk, grass, wacky baccy, or stones in any form...

...however, in the event of this I'd now just like to say that the consumption of cannabis can be fun, healthy, and brings you closer to God. It's also a really effective way of spending hours upon hours wasting your life away.

So when you feel the need to mess your head up kids, smoke a blunt. Unlike alcohol, you won't have to get up to take a piss every half a pint and you can feel ideologically pure about not sending money to your rapist governments by purchasing it - as you'd be doing if you were to consume those "safe" drugs like cigs and drink. And by "safe", I mean "taxed" (nice lil scam they have going there).

Speaking of cigarettes, it's come to my attention that in the UK at least, the Establishment is gonna make it against the law for the fag industry to advertise their wares. So, uhm, now we won't have huge billboards featuring healthy-skinned caucasian males with clean fingers and immaculate teeth encouraging us to smoke cuz it's kewl..., now we'll have some sort of scheme from these companies involving subliminal imagery that - if past activities by ad companies is to be taken as precident - will actually keep sales going at more or less the same rate. Which is nice.

And of course, it'll give the makers of every other product in the universe the idea of using the same methods to sell their shit and before you know it, our world'll be like that... uhm... film... with the adverts that are IN YOUR HEAD! I SEE THEM IN MY SLEEP!! ARRGRRRGGHHH!!!! Get it?

So don't trip, kids - if you're walking down the street in the near future, and you see a picture of a flute orchestra and all their instruments are on fire, you know what's going on.

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