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Serj and Tom love you and want you to be happy.

Love them back at their Axis Of Justice site. And educate yourself too, dumbass.

I don't love anyone right now, cause I'm too poor to love. I did some amateur accountancy a while back and discovered that my meagre student loan isn't covering me to pay rent for April. Which renders me royally screwed because the next loan installment comes through in... May. Looks like it's time to get a nice part time job at Tescos to supplement my living expenses.

But hell, I just feel sorry for the poor schmucks coming into university education next year who are gonna have to pay shit loads more college fees because the government thought that letting the various universities raise them was a really great idea. Just like it thought scrapping grants a while back was a good idea.

To be perfectly honest, being this poor has enthused me with a brand of righteous apathy that just makes me want to bitch and moan in my head about these injustices without doing much about them. I'd possibly think about joining the Union and bussing it down to London to take part in those protests they're always having, but the £10 it would cost me to get into London would be much better spent in buying another fortnight's worth of electricity for my house.

And besides, The Man would ignore it anyway, as brilliantly demonstrated by the protest against Top-Up fees on December 4th of last year, where the Education Minister Charles Clarke practically said "okay, I've thought about every argument you've raised, and they're good, but... nah, I'm gonna raise fees anyway. Go home." Incidentally, I remember David Blunkett (whose actual function in this country I'm not clear on), saying that Top-Up fees were out of the question some time ago. Either he's completely blind, or we're stupid... bah, fuck this, go somewhere else for more of this crap, I'm tired and full of bile and most importantly - I STOPPED CARING. This is what I've been reduced to. Tony, you've won this battle, but... uhm... something something...

In more happy news, there's also another piece of wallpaper up in the art section. Hit dat shit.

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