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Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin: NUMBER 32

Author: Stealthy

Pretty much stright from life. Last night, Chris disgraced not only himself, but us, the pub we were in, the cabbie who had to drive us home, his family, his housemates, Jonny's (you don't know him, but Chris does. Intimately) housemates and his family.

And all this whilst protesting he could have me in a drinking contest. Me! A scrawny Miami kid versus the not inconsiderable stack of a fully grown cockney. If it were a Cocaine snorting contest, I could see where he might win, but for sinking pints, I see ambulances being called and tiny little American stomachs being pumped.

Tunde vs Pete in a drinking contest might be another thing entirely... that guy's a damn freak of nature.

NB: Due to the immense costs it takes to keep a server running for a site rapidly gaining popularity, Bob has terminated our contract with whatever server we were using and we are now employing 400 Kurdish and Kazakhstani immigrants to run around in a giant hamster wheel that will power our very own homemade internet server.

As these people won't need to be paid until approximately November 2005, by which time, our disgraceful working areas will have whittled down the numbers considerably, we are glad to ask you to send no money now.

Of course, if you do want to fund our righteous jihad... I mean site, just contact Bob, and maybe he'll sort you out. Don't contact me, cause to be perfectly honest, it won't go on the site, it'll go on beer.

Thank you.

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