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Thirty Three

Author: Stealthy

Pete says this to me all the time. He also once asked me when I lost my zest for life. Maybe I should lighten up...

...I can do that... how can I not when I've been recieving CDs by the shed load over the past few weeks. I was gonna wait until I could get into the West End to get a shitload of disks, but these ones have dropped on me in the last fortnight or so:

Hell Is For Heroes - The Neon Handshake (WTF?!)
Carl Orff - Carmina Burana (I already had this, but it was by some shitty rip-off elevatormusik orchestra. And so is this, AGAIN! Serves me right for only getting it for a fiver)
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Madonna (Thanks Stevo)
Radiohead - Oxford Angels (rareties and B-Sides bootleg... so Radiohead DO have shit songs)
Counting Crows - Hard Candy (I didn't really buy this, but I just want to let Pete know that I still think they play Dawson's Creek pussy-rock shite)
Elbow - Asleep In The Back (zzzz, but good)
Pink Floyd - Echoes (should've had this away a long time ago)
Threshold - Critical Mass (now, it's a long shot, but if any members of this band happen to come across this site, I want you to know that this is now the most pointless record in my CD collection. And my sister once gave me a Limp Bizkit album for Christmas. If I wanted 70 minutes of sub-Van Halen 80s power metal anal scrapings... hell, I'd just buy the rest of your CDs. However, I do not like anal-scrapings. So I won't by buying anymore of your shite. I'm also never gonna buy a CD because the cover looked good and it was in the Psyche-Rock section at Scorpion Records again. I hate you! You suck!)

I apologise for the WebJournal-lite bollocks, but I like CDs and now I have a few more. Webjournals suck. The one thing a whiny 14 year-old Instant Messaging freak should not do is post their shit on the internet so that I might accidentally come across it...

...speaking of things I might accidentally come across, a band called The Dawn Parade are playing in my town later this month. A lot of the people on the Rawkstar Forums love these guys. Me? I...

...anyway, don't trip, take the money you would've spent on seeing The Dawn Parade and go see Cave In on Friday 14th instead. Do Not Trip.

You get the warm comforting feeling of being superior if you can guess what two bands I'm thinking of in this strip.

EDIT: I also hate Kinesis. Some moronic little upstart fanboy band that thinks that ripping off Early Manics and the riffs of about 49 different bands is a viable tactic for earning record sales.

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