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The Awesome Adventures Of George 'N' Tony

Author: Stealthy

These guys make an adorable couple. Even if they are gonna royally fuck up the entire planet.

Cave-In are still better than The Dawn Parade.

And the very idea of helping out Turkey despite the fact that its human rights record is firmly based in the arse end of the league table is still absurd.

Chris is going to be participating in the Don't Attack Iraq demonstration in London on the 15th. If you see his pasty American ass, say hi and give him much love. Pete said he might be going... actually, what he said was that his girlfriend Amanda was making him go. If he can afford to stay in London more than a day, be here. Say hi to him too, he'll be the one consuming mass amounts of alcohol and marching in the wrong direction.

I'd be going, but the thought of having to associate with 200 000 tree-hugging, tofu-chewing hippies for an entire day makes me want to drink liquid faeces.

I'd much rather protest the war from the pub.

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