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Episode 35

Author: Stealthy

I feel as though this is late.

I know that I've not made the mistake of saying when I'll post a new strip, but as I tend to make them on Sundays, Monday morning is when I'll put them up... I aimed for that target today and as luck would have it, the strip file was corrupted, and the computer wouldn't accept my disk.

Needless to say, Episode 35 will be up tomorrow. Hopefully.

Anyway... Pete met his hero on Friday night. Went out for coffee with commedian Rob Newman. Alright for some, I guess... I wish I had a hero to meet...

...anyway, now Pete can die happy. I swear, when he's in bed with his girlfriend, he sees Rob's face. You'd think this would fuck up their relationship, but then - so does she.

[EDIT] Strip's up. Taste the colour.

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