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Author: Stealthy
25-Feb-03's now Tuesday. Episode 36 should've been up yesterday. It wasn't.

I've barely started colouring it.

It's cause I'm really, really busy with college work at the moment. Heavily busy. Essays and stuff out the wazoo...'s certainly nothing to do with the fact that I awoke at 4PM on Sunday and spent the rest of the day watching the news, 24 (Jack Bauer is da man), and trying to work my way through the ridiculously hard Omega Level on Final Fantasy 10.

No. I have had loads of work. I'll try and have it up tomorrow. And THEN I'll try and do another by the end of the week to make up.


The strip's up. Who wants to be the first to tell me that it's Kumbacha instead of Kambucha... or "mother" instead of "mothers". It's not too late, children!!

Next up, Humayun has a new site. Amazingly well designed and full of content, it even has a shop where you can buy shirts and thongs an' shit. However, I have absolutely no idea what it's about. People in the know have informed me it's part some sort of webcam/journal community thing. I haven't a clue what that is beyond the moronic Kinkylicious site, and previously, I may have mentioned that I hate webjournal things, but it looks good, so there ya go.

F7 > 1211, Fm7 > 1111. Remember that.

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