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80 Seconds

Author: Stealthy
21-Mar-03 I leave for a tiny little bit of time to make a sandwich or something like that and... Rawkstar collapses, we invade Iraq and Cave-In release a new album (which is bomb, I might add).

Anyway, we're back to business now. Which can only mean that I have to start making comics now. Well, I have spent the last week concentrating on my musical projects as well as being fabulously skint.

Dom from Megatokyo had an absolutely brilliant rant this week. It concerned some piece of shit Vietnam game of some kind... doesn't matter... I don't play games... my PC can't handle them... anyway, what matters is that he crossed into a dark side. The side of suffering and rage. And that, I can empathise with. Rage can only be a good thing in my book - and if more people let theirs out, the world would be a more interesting... and... uhm... violent place.

Anyway, I'd like to now stand alongside my RAGE brother by displaying a short open letter to my bank:

Dear Abbey National,

As a loyal customer of your concern over the last 11 or so years, I've come to not only appreciate, but also gain a sense of bittersweet satisfaction from your daily attempts to fuck me in the arse. However, yesterday, you surpassed yourself. My application to open a new account which would have enabled me to take more control of my incresingly annoying money was refused through some mysterious decree of an anonymous credit rating agency.

Since I have no credit cards, no outstanding debts and the only information you hold on me is the amount of money in my account, my address and my status as a voting citizen of this country, I must assume that the only reason I was refused the account is because you are greedy, money grubbing arseholes who deserve to burn in the firey pits of your own effluence for all of eternity.

Needless to say, you can rest assured that when I secure myself another account in another bank, I will be marching forthwith to my nearest Abbey National branch, withdrawing every single penny of money from my account, replacing it with a brick through your windows and leaving your business forever.

Many thanks,
Tunde McKay

PS: Fuck you

That was gratifying. A new comic should make itself apparent next week. Somewhat predictably, it should reference our brand new war. Skill!

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