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Author: Stealthy

...anyone still here? ...yeah, didn't think so. Here's a comic anyway.

...lesse, I first posted this on the first, and the last posting was on the 7th... so I actually have slacked off for an entire month. Legendary even by MacHall standards... and I don't even have their fanbase yet.

This clearly shows not staggering laziness and incompetence - but bullish, English cockiness and the ability to not only admit, but to BASK in one's shortcomings.

I should be proud that I've left a month between comics.

In fact - I AM proud. And I hope you are too.

Next strip should be Monday, cause I'll make it on Sunday. And that's only if I don't get hammered on copious amounts of alcohol and good company tonight.

PS: Chris spent his Easter Break back at home in the US, and as a result of the post-Iraqi war climate, now thinks he's some kind of god.

He says to say "Hi" and "Support Our Troops, Or Else". Nice guy.

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