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Author: Stealthy

I have uploaded a new episode of the strip. Enjoy.

In the comics world, they have a word for artists who just fuck off for 8 months without explanation and don't draw anything. This word is "sabbatical".

Since, however, I am not a member of the comics world, I have to formulate my own excuses, and they are thus:

1) No computer.
2) Severe laziness.

Even though most of those who care about this site will already know this, I thought it would bear mentioning again.

Next: The new guy is Robin. Robin is of the opinion that the main purpose of this strip is for Tunde to "save the day". Far from me to hog all the glory of getting fucked out of my student loan, having my house blown up and being hunted by a hologrammatic doppelganger, I have decided to instate Robin as the 'hero' of Section 54. He may now indulge his heroic tendencies with Batman-like impunity.

That's about it for now.

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