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Number Crunching

Author: Stealthy

This nugget of news signifies that you are now viewing episode 11 of London Calling. Bob the Techie is hard at work on Section 54 v2.0, and when that's done, I figure I can ever so delicately slip in the odd episode of The Regular Roughneck Section 54 every once in awhile, when Tunde feels he has something on his mind best expressed in comic form. How does that taste? Delicious? Good.

In the time between these last posts, I have on occasion been viewing the numbers behind this site which Bob the Techie has graciously provided for me.

I know what you like, and I understand... week's episode will now be replaced with continental-style sex comics in which a ludicrously proportioned Betty Rubble and Wilma Flintstone finally acknowledge the deep well of sapphic desire running between them and dump their lardy-arsed husbands for a more adult style of relationship. Therefore, if you actually intend to come here looking for boobies, bikinis, cleavage, swinging hips, general impropiety - it needn't bother you that these things will if at all, pop up in cartoon form. Breasts are just ones of those things we all need, like air and Princess Diana. As a bonus, there will even be an animal used hilariously as some kind of household implement.

Until then, dudes and dudettes...


...I said I knew what you liked, didn't I?

PS: You may also vote for Section 54 here if you wish - it's about time I got off my lazy arse and started whoring this site a bit:

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