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Comic 20: The Internet Is A Bad, Bad Place

Author: Stealthy

...and the moral of this story is that you shouldn't hang around on the internet too long. You'll meet some sickass people - and they'll either be Japanese or American. There is no middle ground, they're always going to be Japanese or American.

The Japs used to be the free-reigning champions of fucked-up shit, but the yanks, in their never ending quest to be the best at everything, decided to take it that little bit further.

So it was whilst hanging around the Megatokyo forums, checking out the good toons and art to be found there regularly, that I came across this.

In addition to being really fucking weird, Americans are also combatative, and this one wanted me to go find more... so I did:

A female rat being raped by mosquito.

A male rat being raped and murdered by a hornet.

Two goddamn male foxes wearing scuba equipment raping a fucking drowning male badger or something.

I DON'T FUCKING KNOW! I don't know exactly what would drive these people to do what they do, but... I guess that sentence ended there. For the love of Christ, let's just not let them breed.

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